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Yuyao Hemudu Fire lamp factory

Yuyao Hemudu Fire lamp factory is located in the city of Yuyao in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province. Yuyao is the birthplace of Hemudu Site culture, which has more than 7000 years of civilization history. It belongs to Ningbo, one of the open cities, and has a convenient traffic.

Our factory is certified by < China Certification Center for Fire Products of Ministry of Public Security >,specializes in the production of fire emergency marker lamp, fire emergency lighting, which belong to the national compulsory CCC certification of fire products. These products are tested by < China National Supervision And Test Centre For Fire Electronic Product Quality >,all technical indicators are in line with the GB17945-2010.

Our products belong to fire protection products for evacuation, widely used in high-rise residential, underground facility, hotel, market and other public places. If an accident leads to a power outage or the city stop power supply, our products will immediately and automatically put into the emergency lighting status, to provide effective lighting for key positions to handle matters, and evacuate people safely, and also for fireman to start rescue work successfully.